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Step 7 - Generated counterexamples

Please make sure your are on step 7 in your terminal by typing:

bin/step 7

Isn't creating robustness tests exhausting?


You may think that a good framework covers your back. Maybe it has support for input sanitization, automatic 404 responses, and so on. That might relieve you of having to write counterexample tests, right?

Not exactly. Counterexamples fit in two categories:

Let's see what webspicy proposes for them.

Generated counterexamples for generic preconditions

The last commit changed the config.rb file to install a reusable RobustToInvalidInput precondition. Preconditions in webspicy can automatically generate counterexamples by mutating existing examples to make them violate the PRE-conditions.

In practice, this gives you generated robustness tests for free. Try this:

ROBUST=generated webspicy --debug todo-spec

Your own generated counterexamples

Having generated counterexamples for generic situations help you focussing on the real counterexamples that you need to write: those that are specific to your business.

Indeed some PRE-conditions may apply to many web services: think of authentication for instance. Instead of writing counterexamples for them in each specification, you can write your own precondition that will generate counterexamples for each of them.

... but that's for another story... because...