Who's behind all of this?

This tutorial has been developed through a collaborative hackaton (5 days) between the Enspirit, Quadrabee, Klaro, Cadenza, OnPurpose and The Search Space teams to introduce you to webspicy.

We believe this is a fantastic piece of technology which will help to improve your team's efficiency and cohesion when testing your APIs.


We firmly believe in protecting your privacy and guarantee that we do not track any of your information as you try out this tutorial. In particular this site has zero cookies. It only uses simpleanalytics.com to know the number of visitors we have.

If you subscribe to our mailing list or contact us about a further, more detailed demo, we will never use this information for any other purpose not pertaining to yourbackendisbroken.dev

Terms of use

The website and tutorial about webspicy are distributed under a Creative Commons license and as such, we welcome contributions and feedback from the community on the product.

webspicy is distributed under a MIT Licence. Please check its repository on github.