What makes webspicy special?

Formal data schema

Design by contract

  • Web service PRE/POST conditions
  • Robustness & security test generation

Technology agnostic

  • Independent test framework
  • Backend in node.js, ruby, java, scala, PHP, etc.

More goodies

Built by developers, for developers

Dev Friendly

  • Human-friendly API specs
  • Compatible with git versionning


  • Ready-to-use docker containers
  • Easy integration with C.I. solutions

Open Source

  • Available on github
  • Contributions are welcome

Even more goodies

Advanced features & docker containers

API reverse engineering

  • Auto discover existing web services
  • Generate input & output schema

API mock

  • Turn your catalogue to a mock API
  • Help frontend & backend teams align

API Shield & Monitor

  • Sanitize input as a service
  • Get API monitoring for free

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